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Valuation of forest, forest land and agricultural land.


Environmental, botany, dendrology and forest conservation consultancy.

What we offer

  • Valuation of Forest
    Assets for Accountancy
  • Valuation of Land
    and Forest
  • Valuation of Forest
    Damage Cost
  • Environmental
  • Botany Consultancy
  • Dendrology Consultancy
  • Forest protection



We provide qualified consultancy regarding the determination of individual plant species and their characteristics, including the assessment of the suitability of habitat.


We provide qualified consultancy regarding the determination of individual tree species, including health assessment, habitat suitability for cultivation and dendrological research.

Forest protection

We provide qualified consultancy regarding the forest protection relating to biotic and abiotic harmful factors including determination, proposals for prevention and therapy.


Our office has been on the market since 2002 and therefore thanks to many years of experience we are able to offer a professional service according to your requirements. During this period we have provided a lot expertise for the purpose of determining the value of assets accountancy, market, tax, legal, insured, auction, credit, investment and for withdrawal. We are sure that we will provide you with an expert opinion of the highest quality in the shortest time possible. Many satisfied customers are the guarantee of our reliability.


Determination of pests and insects.

Expert opinion

The price of forest lands and forest stands according to CN.

Expert Opinion

Expert Opinion of habitat conditions plants and trees.

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